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Collins FDC Catalog

Santa & Children

H5801 / Scott 5332


Head of Santa Claus by Haddon Sundblom

Cover Announcement 

The Postal Service came through in good order with four top-notch Santa Claus stamps. Each of my four covers has the first day of issue bullseye cancelation. Festive Christmas decorations add to the seasonal flavor on both of these individually hand painted cachets.

Small children enjoy visiting Santa before Christmas day (except the very young who are often scared out of their wits) and telling the jolly old man what presents they are hoping for. In this cachet a sister and brother enjoy the experience as the expressive boy speaks to a patient Santa. It is a timeless Christmas scene, and bright holly sprigs adorn the four corners of the frame.

Another familiar image is that of Santa receiving the lists from good little children at his North Pole workshop. In this case, he is reading a long list in the presence of two of his elf helpers. A long pine bough with red bows and a small holly leaf with berries on Santa's hat trim add to the Yuletide


It is with cheerful pleasure that I offer these two really nice Christmas covers at $16.50 each. Santa with children (Collins #H5801) and Santa Reading List (Collins #H5802).

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