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Collins FDC Catalog

French & Indian War - 2

V5501 / Scott 5079C

Classics Forever

George Washington

French & Indian War

Cover Announcement 

This individually hand painted Collins First Day Cover begins my long-awaited set of six honoring three of our most illustrious and revered forefathers portrayed on classic United States postage stamps. In addition to Washington, the stamps pay tribute to Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. The ornate frame surrounding each portrait will be the same on each of my cachets, thus signifying that they are all part of this patriotic set. Please be sure that you obtain each one as it is offered because in the months and years ahead, they will be eagerly sought on the open market. You will want the complete series of six.

George Washington's miiitary experience began in the French and lndian War. He received a commission as a major in the miiitia of the British Province of Virginia. In 1753 he was sent as a military ambassador representing the British

Crown to speak to the French and various indian tribes at a location near present-day Erie. Pennsvlvania. In 1754 he led

another erpedition to construct a fort near present-day Pittsburgh. Enroute his force attacked a French scouting party, and their leader was killed. In 1755 he patook in the ill-fated General Edward Braddock expedition and battle and

distilguished himself by maintaining good order in the retreat that followed.

From 1755 to 1758 Washinglon served as a colonel and commanded the Virginia Regiment. He built this unit into the best-trained provincial militia of the time. After the successful Fort Duquesne campaign, he resigned from the regiment and took up the life of a Virginia plantation owner. There he unknowingly awaited his destiny as the future commanding officer of the Continental Army and subsequent term as the first president of the United States of America.

My watercolored cachet depicts George Washington as a young officer in the 1750s Virginia Regiment. The new stamp is a wonderful portrayal of an early classic U.S. issue featuring Washinglon and is tied to the envelope with a bullseye first day of issue postmark. A superb First Day Cover. Collins #V5501 at $15.00.

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