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Collins FDC Catalog


92-01 / WV11

West Virginia 1992

Canada Goose by Tom Hirata

Fred's Anecdotal Note


Anyone who has traveled the rugged mountains of "wild and wonderful" West Virginia will appreciate this MILFORD First Day Cover. Two Canada geese glide through a rose-colored sky high above expansive jade green mountains. Far below, a small town intrudes on the solitude of nature but appears as a peaceful island of civilization in the middle of a forested

ocean. A railroad trestle spans a tranquil skyreflecting

river which is the destination of the beautiful geese. This hand-painted cachet is the first for the MILFORD edition of 1992.

Stamp serial numbers used are 7186 to 7485 except for 7455. The Day of Issue postmark ties the new West Virginia duck stamp and black print woodduck to the cover.

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