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Collins FDC Catalog


96-09 / AZ10

Arizona 1996

Canvasbacks by Larry Hayden

Fred's Anecdotal Note


A pair of canvasback ducks fly tantalizingly close to a crouched jaguar as they wing through an Arizona canyon.

The jaguar is the largest cat found in North America and a

male can be six feet in length with a two and one-half foot tail and weigh up to 400 pounds. They are found in the southwestern United States but only very rarely. In my dramatic MILFORD hand-painted cachet, the canvasbacks will pass by safely but just by a whisker.

The new $5.50 stamp has the Day of Issue postmark from the Arrowhead Postal Station, Glendale, AZ. OnIy 150 covers were produced with serial numbers 3001 to 3150.

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