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Collins FDC Catalog


97-14 / MA24

Massachusetts 1997

Curlew by J. Eggert

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1997 Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts creates a distinct waterfowl stamp each year. Instead of a migratory duck or goose, they choose a coastal shore bird. Then, on their stamp, they do an artist's or woodcarver's rendition of that species. Although I would not like a steady diet of this approach, the fact that it is only one state makes it appealing.

This year, on the new five-dollar stamp, the curlew appears against a bright yellow background. Continuing with my Milford Wildlife Series, I seized the opportunity to do a seaside hand-painted cachet. A humpback whale floats on the surface offshore with a lighthouse cresting a dune in the background. Onshore, a curlew treads in a tidal pool.

The new stamp is postmarked at Bedford, Massachusetts. Only 150 were produced in this numbered limited edition.

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