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Collins FDC Catalog

Rebecca and Daniel Boone

L5701 / Scott 5255


Daniel and Rebecca Boone

Cover Announcement 

Since love stamps are issued on a regular basis, some time ago I decided to create cachets with the theme "Romantic

Couples of the World." These couples can be real persons or fictional characters from literature, films, television, radio, legends, etc. After quite a few years, this series has become popular with my Collins collectors and also with "love" topicalists.

Daniel Boone was a pioneer, explorer, and woodsman whose frontier adventures made him one of America's first folk heroes. He is most remembered for traveling through the Cumberland Gap to explore and settle the territory that

is now Kentucky.

Rebecca Ann Bryan moved to the frontier of North Carolina in the late 1740s when she was ten years old. Several years later she met the young Daniel Boone, and they were married on August 14, 1756. Over the next twenty-five

years, the couple had ten children.

During the Revolutionary War, Daniel was an officer in the militia. After the American victory, he was elected to three terms in the Virginia General Assembly. My individually hand painted cachet shows the frontier couple by the fort at Boonesborough.

By 1800, more than 200,000 Americans migrated to Kentucky and Western Virginia via the trail pioneered by Daniel. The current love cover honoring Rebecca and Daaiel Boone is now ready. Collins #L5701 at $15.00.

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