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Collins FDC Catalog

Superman aud Lois Lane

N3901 / Scott 3898


Hand and Flower Bouquet

Superman and Lois Lane

Cover Announcement 

Superman first appeared in a comic book format in 1938. An instant hit, the superhero became extremely popular with the American public, and the fame of the "man of steel" skyrocketed. A newspaper comic strip appeared in 1939, and a radio show debuted in 1940. Feature-length cartoons came to movie theatres in 1941, and a novel was written in 1942. Movie serials ran from 1948 to 1950, and many feature films were made from 1951 on. There was a TV series from 1951 to 1957 and a Broadway musical in

1966. That same year, Superman cartoons started on television. And in 1988 on the 50th anniversary of

his creation, a permanent display was established at the Smithsonian Institution.

When not needed to fight crime or perform humanitarian feats, Superman assumed the role of Clark Kent, an investigative reporter at a large newspaper. His coworker was Lois Lane who had a romantic crush on Superman but somehow never quite saw through the business suit and glasses disguise of Clark although there were countless close calls. My hand painted cachet captures the couple with Lois giving the man of steel a longing and wistful look.

To continue my Romantic Couples series (which began with E3501 in 2001) for new love stamps, I'm pleased to present the man who was "faster than a speeding bullef' and the reporter who loved him - Superman and Lois Lane. Collins #N3901 - $13.25

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