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Collins FDC Catalog


K1801 / Scott 2186

Great Americans

Dennis Chavez - U. S. House of Representatives & Senate

Fred's Anecdotal Note

Famouts Americans Series

This 35-cent definitive was issued to honcr former New Mexico

Senator Dennis Chavez. He was the first Hispanic elected to the U.S, Senate. Chavez overcame poverty to become a Lawyer in 1920 and sas elected to represent New Mexico as Senator fifteen years later. His rnain areas of concern were Indian rights and fair labor practices.

Wanting to combine both of these interests into one theme, my

hand-painted cachet does just thar. Indians have gained a fine

reputation as steelworkers on high-rise construction projects. The caehet shows three hard-hat workers high atop the steel beams of a new building in its beginning stage. A city apreads out below them and gives a nice perspective as to the helght. at which the laborers are working.

The 35-cent stamp is postmarked Albuquerque, New Mxico. A nlce cover with an unusual view and interesting theme.

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