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O2302 / Scott 2869B

Legends Of The West

Buffalo Bill Cody

Collins Anecdotal Note

In 1864 at age 18 WiIIiam Cody got his first job as an Army scout. He went on to an adventurous life as tracker, Indian fighter, hunter and showman. While working as a hunter for the Kansas Pacific Railroad he got his famous nickname "Buffalo BiIl. He engaged in many Indian battles and was wounded while scouting for the Fifth Cavalry Regiment. In 1876 he killed the Cheyenne chief Yellow Hand in a one-on-one confrontation. Gaining national fame, he went to New York City and starred in a melodrama about his frontier adventures, and it was described as "noisy, rattling, gunpowder entertainment". He went on to entertain audiences across America and in Europe with his widely acclaimed "WiId West Show" featuring cowboys, Indians, sharpshooters, and other assorted frontier acts. His final

resting place is Golden, Colorado. Buffalo Bill was the

most famous of all the plainsmen. A Legend of the West.

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