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O2303 / Scott 2869C

Legends Of The West

Jim Bridger

Collins Anecdotal Note

No one knew better the vast territory from the headwaters of the Missouri River south to the Rio Grande and west to California. Within this mountainous wilderness his reputation soared as a skilled scout and excellent trapper. For much of his career he led large parties of trappers from the Rocky Mountain and American Fur Companies. He braved the elements, hostile Indians, and wild beasts from 1822 to 1842 in pursuit of pelts. When the beaver trade virtually disappeared in the mid-1800's, he founded Fort Bridger which became an important stop for wagon trains heading west. Passing away in 1881 after six decades of trapping, scouting, and map making, mountainman Jim Bridger helped to open the American west. A Legend of the West.

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