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Collins FDC Catalog


O2304 / Scott 2869D

Legends Of The West

Annie Oakley

Collins Anecdotal Note 

She was 25 when she joined Buffaro Bill Cody's wild west show as "Little Sure Shot." She could do things with guns that defied understanding. While sighting into a mirror and shooting backwards over her shoulder, she could break a smallglass ball being twirled on a string. She could split the edge of a playing card at 30 paces. Audiences were astonished and enthrlled. 

Her real name was Phoebe Anne Mozee and at age nine she was already demonstrating her expertise with guns. Upon reaching adulthood, she was just five feet tall and audiences took instantly to her attractive appearance and warm smile. Wanting to capture the sweet personality that was Annie, I

decided to obtain the First Day postmarks at Sugar City, Colorado. A philatelic recognition only obtained by COLLINS. My use of pink in the cachet is meant to stress the femininity of this sweetheart of the frontier. Sharpshooter Annie Oakley - A Legend of the West.

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