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Collins FDC Catalog


O2316 / Scott 2869P

Legends Of The West

Western Wildlife

Collins Anecdotal Note 

The lives of Native Americans were closely aligned with wildlife. Their very survival depended on the bounty of the hunt for their main food supply. Further, the skins and furs provided for the clothing they wore and the shelters that housed them.

As explorers, trappers, and pioneers began to settle the great West, they, too, were dependent on the animals until farms and ranches were established. Today the "big game" species that roam the land are cherished as national treasures and, hopefully, will remain forever as part of our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

The cover has a First Day postmark from Deer Trail, Colorado. Shown are the buffalo, mountain goat, grizzly bear, deer, big horn sheep, wolf, elk, mountain lion, and

bald eagle - our national symbol. Each is a Legend of the West.

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