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Collins FDC Catalog


Y3503 / Scott 3644

Antique Toys – Denominated


Cover Announcement 

This is my eighth and final First Day Cover for the new Antique Toys stamps with four being done for the non-denominated stamps and four for the denominated ones. 

This hand painted cachet features a motorcycle-type delivery van complete with an enclosed cargo area. The second toy is a heavy-duty farm tractor with rugged metal wheels. As with all of the toys shown in this series, I've tried to be true to the actual colors of the originals.

Many collectors enjoy stamps with transportation as a theme and of course, there are many topicalists who seek out antique car issues. Aviation, railroads, and boats are also highly collected topics. These Collins cachets are destined to become actively sought FDCs in the years ahead. I'm happy to offer the last cover in the denominated grouping - Commercial Vehicles - Collins #Y3503 - $12.25.

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