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Collins FDC Catalog


C3702 / Scott 3774

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Centennial - Brown Pelican

Cover Announcement 

It is a pleasure to present my second wildlife cachet in the mini-set that pays tribute to the important habitat refuges that our government has established. In this rendition a young lynx kitten gingerly explores its surroundings under the watchful and wary eyes of the mother cat. You will love the detail in this hand painted cachet.*The tufted ears that are a main characteristic of the elusive and rarely seen

lynx. * The casually draped paws of the adult cat flopped over a fallen log. * The inquisitive look on the face of the tentative kitten. Attention to detail has made this an exceptional First Day Cover.

Still to be offered are a pair of mountain goats atop a Rocky Mountain vista and a family of Kodiak bears on their island home off the coast of Alaska. As for now, it's the curious young lynx being watched by its wise and experienced mother. Collins #C3702 - $12.25

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