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Collins FDC Catalog


L3701 / Scott 3793 & 3800

American Eagle

Spirit of ’76 – Soldiers

Background in Red & Eagle in Gold

Background in Gold & Eagle in Red

Cover Announcement 

As it has worked out, the last five Collins cachets to be announced for calendar year 2003 are, in fact, among the very best of the entire year. To go a step further, I believe they are among the very best I've ever offered in one set for several reasons.

At the top of the list is the cachet subject matter that I was able to blend into this powerful set of five First Day Covers. The birth of our nation at the time of our American Revolution is always popular with collectors as is the topic of "military" in general. My "Spirit of '76" cachet depicts a Minuteman who put aside his plow and picked up his rifle, as well as a soldier of the Continental Line who fought under General George Washington from Valley Forge to Yorktown.

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