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Collins FDC Catalog


L3706 / Scott 3792 - 3801

American Eagle

 Spirit of America – Eagle Cachet

Subscriber-Only Limited Edition

Cover Announcement 

As it has worked out, the last five Collins cachets to be announced for calendar year 2003 are, in fact, among the very best of the entire year. To go a step further, I believe they are among the very best I've ever offered in one set for several reasons.

At the top of the list is the cachet subject matter that I was able to blend into this powerful set of five First Day Covers. The Golden Eagle stamps are lovely in terms of both great use of color and tremendous design innovation using a reversal of color to achieve a magnificent set of ten different stamps.

The designer of this set of stamps used five colors that include red, turquoise, green, gray, and blue. Against a background of each color on the five stamps, a gold bald eagle and the letters USA appear. It would have been a great set of five, but the really neat thing was the next step. The designer reversed all of the combinations, and, against a gold background, five stamps were created with an

eagle and USA depicted in each of the five colors. The set of ten is awesome!

For each of my five covers, I used a pair of the colored-coordinated stamps. Red and gold an The Spirit of '76. Green and gold onThe Spirit of Discovery. Gray and gold on The Spirit of the Pioneers. Turquoise and gold on The Spirit of Advennre. Blue and gold onThe Spirit of the Final Frontier. The color-coordinated Golden Eagle stamps side by side on each of these handsome covers are something

that every collector will appreciate and love. 

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