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Collins FDC Catalog


T3704 / Scott 3818

Reptiles and Amphibians

Ornate Box Turtle

Cover Announcement  

This reptile is found on the prairies and open woodlands in the central and southwestern portions of the United States. It has very attractive yellow lines and markings on its upper shell. To protect itself from predators, it can completely close its hinged lower shell so that its head and legs are totally "boxed in" - hence its name.

My hand painted cachet captures this beautiful turtle in a very interesting pose, and I draw your attention to the appealing details in the head as well as the lovely, intricate shell. I think you will love this final addition to this set, and I must say that I am extremely pleased at how the entire quintet of covers turned out. They are destined to remain actively sought wildlife cachets within the hobby. This

is a cute but, at the same time, realistic rendition of the omate box turtle, and I'm pleased to offer it for your collection. ColIins #T3704 - $2.25.

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