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Collins FDC Catalog


A4004 / Scott 3934

Sporty Cars of the 1950s

1952 Nash Healey

Cover Announcement 

As a youngster growing up in the mid-1950s, Mom and Dad actually had two Nash automobiles as the family cars at the same time. The 1950 was blue and had a sloping back that was somewhat similar to other cars of that time. The '52, however, was pretty "box-like" in appearance with right angles from where the trunk and hood areas met the passenger compartment, giving it a square look. Added to this "diffbrent" appearance was the fact that my father decided to give it a custom paint job with the body

being green and the roof and upper sides yellow. Being around 13 or 14 at the time, how embarrassing it was for me to have to ride around in a squared lemon/lime on wheels. How much cooler a red Nash Healey would have been!

My hand painted cachet features the car that would have been my choice, however impractical, for the 1950s Collins family of five. The nifty convertible is shown in front of a bowling alley while a teenage girl impresses with a hula hoop nearby. Bowling was a favorite pastime, and the hoop was a dominant fad that was short in duration but strong in widespread popularity throughout the nation.

Only one more 1950s sports car cover remains to be offered - the classic 1955 Ford Thunderbird, and I'll be announcing it soon. Make sure that your collection includes at least one set of these hand painted Collins cachets. Vintage cars are always a popular topical for First Day Cover collectors, and,

once I'm sold out, the open market will determine the availability and value. Now ready is the really cool sports convertible that I can only wish had been part of my life in the fifties - the 1952 Nash Healey. Collins #A4004 - 13.25.

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