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Collins FDC Catalog


Y3901 / Scott 3926

Rio Grande Blankets

Campfire Serenade

New Mexico Rio Grande

Cover Announcement 

The final cover in this set shows two Hispanic cowboys sitting by their campfire on the open range. One sips some hot coffee while listening to the other strum his guitar as he sits on his colorful blanket bedroll. The blanket shown on the stamp on this cover was made about 1895 with yarn died red, orange, yellow, and white and woven in a traditional five-band pattern.

All four stamps in this mini-set were based on photographs of actual hand-spun wool blankets dating from the 1800s preserved in three museums. Hoping to provide a cross-section of life in the old American Southwest, I presented individual hand painted cachets that depicted scenes from the Indian, Spanish and American cultures of that era and incorporated period blankets into the designs.

Make sure you have these four Collins covers in your collection. "Americana" is a very popular topical interest as is the "American West." As time goes on, these four covers will becorne increasingly sought after, and you will be glad you have them. I'm pleased to present the final Rio Grande Blanket hand painted cachet. Collins #Y3901 - Campfire Serenade - $13.25.

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