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Collins FDC Catalog


C5602 / Scott 5103

Vintage Pick Up Trucks

1948 Ford F-1

Cover Announcement 

This is the second of my covers in the Vintage Pickup Truck set of four. Judging from the positive response to my red 1938 International Harvester previously offered, I think it would be prudent to obtain each Collins cachet in this series as they become available.

Introduced in 1947 but not placed on sale until January 16, 1948, the F-Series of pickups was the first post-World War II truck design from Ford. In a break from previous Ford trucks, the F-Series was no longer based on a car chassis but rather on a truck platform. The F-1 was the most common model, and it had a 6 1/2 foot bed. It had a wider cab, a flat, one-piece windshield, and integrated headlamps. Options included a windshield washer operated by a foot plunger, passenger-side windshield wiper and sun visor,

additional chrome, and two horns.

As I mentioned previously, the workhorse vehicle at Collins Ponds in the 1950s was our blue Ford pickup, and it complemented our family car - a 1950 Nash. Throughout the country right after the War, pickups were a common sight in the American landscape as the USA transitioned into a peacetime economy. Now ready is my 1948 Ford Pickup, and each cachet is individually hand painted. Collins #C5602 at $15.00.

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