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Collins FDC Catalog


G5604 / Scott 5135

Star Trek Television Show

50th Anniversary

Commander Spock - Vulcan Hand Salute

Cover Announcement 

This individually hand painted cachet begins my four-cover mini-set for the outer space adventure saga "Star Trek." The new stamps were issued as a philatelic tribute to the adventures of the crew aboard the starship "USS Enterprise" as they explored and patrolled the far corners of the universe.

Since the "Enterprise" was the centerpiece of this adventure tale, each of the four cachets will feature it with two exterior views of the starship and two interior views. The first cover pays tribute to Spock who served as science officer and first officer aboard the spaceship. Later he became a commander. His mixed human-Vulcan heritage provided many plot elements in various episodes. His pointed ears were the prominent physical characteristic.

The cachet shows a large portrait of Spock and also an image of the "USS Enterprise" as it hurls through space. The new stamp depicts the hand salute that Spock is giving and it, too, has a tiny illustration of the starship.

The first of four for this sure-to-be-popular series is now ready. Star Trek - Spock. Collins #G5604 at $15.00.


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