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Collins FDC Catalog


I5601 / Scott 5139

Jack O’ Lanterns

Three Toothed Jack O’ Lantern

Cover Announcement 

This individually hand painted cachet completes my mini-set of four for this very popular issue of carved pumpkins. As was the case in my previous three, this cover features creatures associated with Halloween. The illustration includes a trio of flying bats, a spider dangling from its web, and a black cat watching with shared interest the girl stirring a potent brew in a pumpkin caldron and the suspended spider! These creatures join those on my previous three Jack-O'-Lantem covers - an owl in flight by a spooky mansion, a large raven perched on pumpkins, and a black cat under a full moon.

As noted when this set began, Halloween continues to gain both in popularity as a unique holiday and as a hot and growing topic for stamp and cover collectors. Because of the lack of stamps for Halloween. first day covers (including Collins) for this subject are far and few between. In the months and years ahead, these four watercolored Collins covers wiIl be searched for on the open market as very desirable hobby collectibles. Ther are all still available from me - for now.

I'm pleased to offer the fourth and final Jack-O'-Lantern - bats, spider, and black cat flanked by two carved pumpkins and all surrounding the mixing of a Halloween brew! Collins #I5601 at $15.00.

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