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Collins FDC Catalog


O6010 / Scott 5592

Herptage Breeds

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Cover Announcement 

By 1650 hair sheep had been introduced to Barbados from West Africa. Today it is found in twenty five countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. In the United States, it was cross-bred with the Corsican Mouflon sheep to produce the American Black Belly sheep. Recently 212 of the original

Barbados Black Belly sheep were reported in the U.S.

The Barbados is well adapted to hot and humid tropical conditions. It can survive by grazing on grasses of poor quality. It is a hair sheep rather than wool and is raised for meat. My individually hand painted cachet shows a Black Belly in its fenced pen with a large water pan nearby.

The Barbados sheep is now ready to send. Collins #O6010 at $16.50

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