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Collins FDC Catalog

Blue Jay - 5

F5802 / Scott 5320

Birds in Winter

Blue Jay

Cover Announcement 

This showy jay is a noisy member of the songbird community. The feathers are a bright blue with some white in the wings and tail. A distinctive feature is the large pure blue crest on the top of the head that points backward. Another notable marking is the black "necklace" that encircles the neck.

The blue jay lives in oak and pine forests as well as in suburban gardens, groves, and parks. Its range is from southern Canada to the Gulf states east of the Rockies and all of the eastern half of the country. My individually hand painted cachet features this beautiful bird on a snow-topped pine limb. A just harvested berry is about to be enjoyed. The brash but lovely blue jay is now ready. Collins #F5802 at $16.50.

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