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Collins FDC Catalog

Cayuga Duck

O6009 / Scott 5591

Herptage Breeds

Cayuga Duck

Cover Announcement 

The Cayuga Duck was first discovered in the Finger Lakes region of New York sometime in the early part of the 19th Century and named after the indigenous people native to that area. The plumage of the Cayuga Duck is a distinctive greenish-black. They, are known as hardy ducks since they tolerate the harsh northeast winters. They, are easily tamed and produce many offspring. The Cayuga Duck is currently on the Livestock Conservancy's watch list of heritage breeds that are endangered.

My hand painted cachet features a striking pair of the distinctive ducks on the banks of Cayuga Lake in upstate New York.

The Cayuga Duck, the tenth and final cover from the Heritage Breeds issue is now ready. Cayuga Duck -

Collins #O6009 at $16.50

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