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Collins FDC Catalog

Magnificent Frigatebird

V5404 / Scott 4994

Coastal Birds

Magnificent Frigatebird

Cover Announcement 

Frigatebirds are seabirds found across all tropical and sub-tropical oceans. Their plumage is black and the tails are forked. Wingspans are very long and can measure up to seven and a half feet which is the largest wing area to body weight ratio of any bird. This enables the frigatebird to soar on the ocean wind currents on lengthy flights, sometimes for days, far from land.

By far the most notable feature of this bird is the crimson red chest of the male which is inflated during the breeding season to attract females. The individually hand painted cachet captures both the impressive wingspan and the distinctive red chest. This magnificent frigatebird is framed by a gorgeous tropical sky that could only be achieved by an artist's brushstrokes. It's a beautiful wildlife philatelic creation.

A pair of the new stamps are tied to the envelope with a first day of issue bullseye postmark. Make sure that you have the previously offered "King Eider" seaduck as this set will probably sell out quite quickly. The remaining two coastal birds (Spoonbill and Red Knot) will be offered soon. The lovely frigatebird is now ready. Magnificent. Collins #V5404 at $15.00.

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