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Collins FDC Catalog


O3908 / Scott 3899H

Northeast Deciduous Forest


Cover Announcement 

Set of 10

Each cachet individually hand painted

This wonderful forest series is easily one of the finest of the wildlife habitat sets yet issued by the Post Office. Each of my individually hand painted covers features one of the animals that roam the forests of the Northeast. A mighty black bear pauses to recline on a moss-covered log while

eyeing a clump of wild blueberries. A flock of wild turkeys forage on the floor of a late autumn oak forest. A regal white-tail buck and his alert doe stand in front of a shimmering woodlands lake. Two finely marked chipmunks enjoy the bounty amid ferns, wildflowers, and wild mushrooms. A pair of elusive and cunning weasels are alert for potential prey. Other cachets in the set will include a vigilant red-shouldered hawk, a lovable skunk, an ovenbird visiting its secretive camouflaged nest of young, an industrious beaver whose dams create life-sustaining forest

ponds and a flying squirrel which glides among the treetops as bats circle overhead in the evening sky.

Wildlife is a wonderful topic to collect - and deservedly so. This Collins set, featuring mostly familiar animals of the forest, is probably destined to become the most-sought after cachet series for this Northeast Habitat issue of ten stamps. It will soon be sold out.

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