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Collins FDC Catalog

Willow Ptarmigans - 3

N3706 / Scott 3802F

Arctic Tundra

Caribou and Willow Ptarmigans

Cover Announcement 

A magnificent wolf tilts his head upward and howls into the night sky to summon the pack as the soft and varied colors of the Northern Lights dance across the heavens. Trying to catch a leaping fish, a powerful grizzly bear stands in the foamy, freezing water of an Arctic river. Two contending caribou lock their mighty antlers in a fierce fight for dominance. Three shaggy and elusive muskox form a defensive circle in a cachet that is one of the most distinctive wildlife portrayals I've ever offered. These, and other great hand painted First Day Covers, will make up my Arctic Tundra set of ten.

Each of these covers is a wonderful work of art. Adorable baby Arctic foxes sit outside their den enjoying the brief Tundra sunshine. A pair of finely feathered willow ptarmigans browse on colorful berries - ever alert to potential danger. Two grayling swim in cold clear Arctic water searching for newly hatched aquatic insects. A proud and beautifully marked gyrfalcon surveys its lofty domain of the far Norih.

In closing let me describe two other covers in this Arctic collection. Swooping down out of the Arctic night is a magnificent snowy owl. Wings are arched to slow the big

bird after its swift descent. Eyes are riveted on its intended prey - a furry singing vole that senses the lethal danger and is scurrying away. Feet are poised for the snatch with talons extended. The only remaining question is: will the snowy owl be successful in its hunt, or will the singing vole be successful in its escape? The answer is for each collector to decide or perhaps to be left in doubt because, for each

species to survive, the hunter and the hunted must each prevail some of the time.

A mother tundra swan preens her feathers as baby cygnets cluster around. Reflections in the water indicate that the sun is shining brightly, bringing a brief warming springtime respite from the usual cold. An inquisitive Arctic ground squirrel crouches on a moss-covered rock - happy for the companionship of the non-threatening swan family. The newly-arrived swans are symibolic of a non-broken chain of life in the Arctic Tundra.

I am pleased to offer my Arctic Tundra set of ten (N3701 to N3710) at one per month - $12.25 each.

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