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Collins FDC Catalog

WPA Poster

W5601 / Scott 5186

WPA Posters

Visit the Zoo

Cover Announcement 

The WPA (Works Progress Administration) was the largest, most ambitious, and most aggressive of all the New Deal agencies charged with lifting America out of the Great

Depression. Millions of citizens were employed to improve or build various projects in virtually every community in the country. Buildings, roads, bridges, recreational areas,

national parks, agricultural supports, shipping ports, facilities in U.S. territories, airports, and community enjoyment centers such as sporting venues and zoos were improved or constructed.

Started in 1935, the WPA ended on June 30, 1943 as World War II created military and civilian jobs for the nation's workforce. The agency had provided millions with employment for eight productive years. These finely crafted Collins painted first day covers, where each and every haird colored envelope is brought to life by brush stroke after brush stroke, are a throwback and tribute to the craftspeople and tradespeople of the WPA. I'm pleased to offer my covers for the lovely WPA Posters.

These new stamps are magnificent! What makes them so are the absolutely Iovely pastel colors and the almost surreal artistic technique used in the appealing and appropriate art deco style designs. In my opinion as a dedicated cachetmaker, these are among the most

beautiful stamps I have ever worked with.

With a new stamp issue that is as incredibly beautiful and as historically important as this WPA set of ten, there is a sense of obligation on my part to create a group of cachets that will be worthy of paying a true philatelic tribute to all those who worked on WPA projects to make our country a better place in so many ways. To complement the visually pleasing stamps, I wanted to create dynamic illustrations for each of the subjects. 

For the "Visit the Zoo" stamp, I show a dynamic and colorful trio of exotic wildlife - a tiger from India, a giraffe from Africa, and a macaw from South America. This final cachet in the set is absolutely awesome!

As you can see, this set of ten has been a project I've enjoyed very much. And the first cover you'll receive is the last one I've described above. When you receive it, I think you'll really appreciate how natural the hand painting is and how the colors and details make the wildlife so lifelike. Please don't delay in returning your order form as a quick sell-out is possible for a set with this philatelic scope.

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