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Collins FDC Catalog

Mitsubishi Zero – Japan-1

C3908 / Scott 3878H


Altocumulus Undulatus - Mitsubishi Zero

Cover Announcement 

When the cloudscapes set of fifteen was first announced, it was exciting news because I knew almost immediately that I would use the issue to create a series of cachets that would illustrate vintage warplanes of the world. Although United States aircraft appear on our stamps from time to time, the

cloudscape theme would give me the opportunity to include fighter airplanes from other countries during the years that spanned World Wars I and II. As the photos demonstrate, this superb set of vintage military airplanes will undoubtedly become a highly sought-after collectible based on its own artistic merit and also on the fact that classic fighters of the world are just not found on United States First Day Covers. Until now!

In this set, the Fokker Triplane of Red Baron fame dives through the clouds during World War I. It had superb maneuverability and a rate of climb that stunned opposing pilots. Challenging the German triplane was Great Britain's Sopwith Camel. It shot down more enemy aircraft during World War I than any other Allied fighter. Also from the World War I era will be the quick-climbing French Nieuport, the classic American Jenny, and the powerful French Spad, which beame the fighter of choice for many Allied pilots with over 700 being built.

During World War II, the U.S. Navy's Hellcat accounted for 4497 of the 6477 downings of enemy aircraft by American carrier pilots. Opposing the Hellcat over the Pacific was the long-range and highly effective Zero from Japan. Over 33,000 Messerschmitts were built by Germany, which shot

down more Allied planes than any other enemy aircraft. It proved to be a dangerous adversary for the American Mustang and was one of the deadliest fighters of the Second World War. The Supermarine Spitfire of Great Britain had eight guns and excellent speed and maneuverability. It proved to be a worthy opponent for Germany's Messerschmitt and Stuka.

All together, fifteen different vintage warplanes will make up this tremendous First Day Cover set. Each and every cachet will be individually hand painted in realistic watercolors. Also included will be the Warhawk and the Thunderbolt from the United States and the Russian Lavochkin. Present and future Collins collectors will truly appreciate and enjoy this set, which documents the historic evolution of fighter aircraft.. Also, it certainly will become a "must own" for military cover collectors. I'm very pleased to offer this fabulous hand painted set of fifteen cloudscape Collins First Day Covers with the historic vintage warplanes of World Wars I and II.

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