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Collins FDC Catalog

Ride, Armstrong, Grissom

L3705 / Scott 3795 & 3798

American Eagle

The Spirit of The Final Frontier - Space

Background in Prussian Blue & Eagle in Gold

Background in Gold & Eagle in Prussian Blue

Cover Announcement 

As it has worked out, the last five Collins cachets to be announced for calendar year 2003 are, in fact, among the very best of the entire year. To go a step further, I believe they are among the very best I've ever offered in one set for several reasons.

At the top of the list is the cachet subject matter that I was able to blend into this powerful set of five First Day Covers. 

When one talks about eagles, how would it be possible to leave out America's latest heroes who soar beyond the very skies of our planet Earth into the new frontier of space? With so many worthy astronauts to choose from, the final decision of whom to honor was extremely difficult, but I think the trio chosen will be welcomed by avid First Day Cover collectors. Neil Armstrong was the first human to

set foot on the moon. Sally Ride was the first woman to blast off into space. Gus Grissom had the heart and courage of a role model for us all, and he died a hero's fiery death in a tragic accident during the Apollo program of our Space Age exploration. These stalwart three, plus all of our brave

astronauts, have exhibited the "right stuff' as they have met the continual challenges and, through their commitment, have personally demonstrated "The Spirit of the Final Frontier."

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