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Collins FDC Catalog


H3601 / Scott 3669

Irving Berlin - Composer

White Christmas


Cover Announcement 

This hand painted cachet is one that you will really enjoy adding to your collection. It pays tribute to Berlin's all-time great hit sung by Bing Crosby -White Christmas. (As a side note, let me say that many topicalists will be looking to add this Collins FDC to their Christmas collections.) Asleep in his favorite chair, a young man is indeed "dreaming of a white Christmas" as outside his window a picturesque

snowfall is transforming the countryside to a winter wonderland. A sense of warmth and wellbeing is added to the cachet art by two snoozing pets napping with their master. Watercolors bring this First Day Cover to life. The scene is so realistic with the flickering candle in a pewter holder, the blanket of snow in the country lane, and the peaceful slumbering of the curled-up kitten, the cuddled

puppy, and the young dreamer in stocking cap.

With a career that stretched from 1907 to 1962, Irving Berlin wrote the words and music to a large number of popular American music standards including White Christmas, God Bless America, Eat Parade, Cheek to Cheek, and I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.

Irving Berlin is arguably the most popular of all composers of American popular music. I'm very pleased to offer my First Day Cover for his beloved White Christmas. Irving Berlin - Collins #H3601. $12.25.

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