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Collins FDC Catalog


O2320 / Scott 2869T

Legends Of The West

Overland Mail


Collins Anecdotal Note 

The rugged stagecoach played an important role in the settlement of the West. It carried mail and passengers to every corner of the expanding territory. By 1868, Wells 

Fargo and Company had complete dominance of the stagecoach business west of the Missouri. By the end of the decade, Wells Fargo was the biggest and richest company in

the West. The First Day postmark on this cover is Denver which was an important stop on the stage route.

The Concord coach, which is pictured in this Collins cachet, was the backbone of their delivery empire that moved mail, people, and practically everything else. Drivers had to endure and overcome many hardships including severe weather, Indian attacks, and robberies by bandits. In this cover, a masked outlaw begins a hold-up as concerned passengers await their fate. Throughout the frontier, the familiar red stagecoaches continued their steady and reliable transport of people, goods, and overland mail. A Legend of the West.

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