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Collins FDC Catalog

Lena Horne

M5701 / Scott 5259

Black Heritage

Lena Horne

Dancer, Actress, Singer, and Civil Rights Activist

Cover Announcement 

Lena was a very popular entertainer whose career spanned over 70 years. She was a singer, dancer, and actress during which time she appeared in films, television, and in the theater. At age 16 she appeared at the famous Cotton Club and, for a short time, worked in nightclubs before moving to Hollywood.

My individually hand painted cachets feature a portrait of Lena and capture her remarkable beauty. This cover will become a key collectible in the Collins Black Heritage series.

Ms. Horne was long involved in the Civil Rights movement. She refused to perform for segregated audiences during World War II. She was at the March on Washington and spoke as well as performed at that event. She was widely acclaimed for her activism in the struggle for equal rights.

Now ready: Lera Horne - a superb American enterlainer and a dedicated citizen striving to make the United States a better country. Collins #M5701 at $15,00.

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