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B6101 / Scott 5654


Flags and Eagle

Cover Announcement 

This hand painted cachet is one hundred percent patriotic. A swooping American bald eagle assumes a protective position over an American flag. The new stamp is tied to the envelope with the first day of issue postmark.

The title of this cover is bold and proud - "America." Along the flagpole and slanted upwards is "Land of the Free - Home of the Brave." Beginning way back in 1978, among my first cachets were Valley Forge and Fort McHenry - both of which began a large representation of patriotism within my body of cachet work. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner still sends a chill down my spine. Our Star Spangled Banner under the protective wings of our American Bald Egale is now ready. Collins #B6101 at $18.50.

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