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Richard "Dick" Cheney

K3301 / Cheney VP Inauguration


Richard "Dick" Cheney - Vice President

Cover Announcement 

Large, realistic portrait art is the format that I decided upon for my current Inauguration covers. The enclosed illustrations give a good indication as to the fine detail in the drawings, but you must experience them personally in full color to truly appreciate their beauty and realism. The individual hand painting makes them lifelike in every respect.

It is important to note that these are the largest and most detailed portraits ever to appear on Collins cachets since I started in 1978. Presidential Inaugurals are, by their nature infrequent, and they have become very popular and sought-after collectibles. My Ronald Reagan covers can seldom be found on the open market, and, when they are, it's at a premium price.

The ultra-large portraits were inspired by the unusually large and attractive pictorial Inauguration Day

cancellations. For President Bush, I used the new White House stamp in combination with the patriotic Uncle Sam stamp. For Vice President Cheney, I used the Flag Over Farm stamp to highlight his rural upbringing in his home state of Wyoming.

These covers are winners - just as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were in the closest presidential election in United States history. The appropriate, colorful stamps and huge pictorial postmarks provide a grand philatelic presenoe. The large, detailed portraits will amaze you with their lifelike realism. The individual watercoloring truly makes them miniature works of art. The opportunity to produce lnauguratior covers only comes along once every four years. These two collectibles have exceeded my expectations, and their quality ensures that, once I'm sold out, they will become actively sought on the open market. Don't miss out on obtaining them now. The Inauguration covers for

President George W. Bush (Item #J3301) and Vice President Richard Cheney (Item #K3301) - $15.00 each.

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