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Collins FDC Catalog


S3501 / Scott U649

Ribbon Star

Abraham Lincoln

Cover Announcement 

The finished cachet for this First Day Cover turned out surprisingly nice. For the ultimate patriotic theme, I took our greatest dooument - the Constitution - and our greatest president -.Abraham Lincoln - and put them together on one cover. Hand painting brought out a nice parchment effect for the Constitution, and the watercolors also made for an excellent portrayal of Honest Abe. When combined with the large printed stamp in our traditional red, white, and blue, the final result certainly exceeded my expectations for this cover.

If you enjoy the subject of Americana in your collection, you will really like this blended Collins cachet featuring Abe Lincoln and our Constitution - tied together by the red, white and blue ribbon of freedom and national pride. Collins #S3501 - $12.25.

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