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Collins FDC Catalog


92-35 / ME9

Maine 1992

Old Squaw by Persis Weirs

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1992 MAINE

This hand-painted cachet is in the traditional mode as to style and placement. A close-up of a male oldsquaw duck makes this MILFORD interesting as this species is not often used on stamps. The brown, white and black markings are very distinctive and in the cachet, details such as the realistic eye, fine feather texture, a crimson beak, and tiny droplets of

water all combine in handsome harmony. Set against the blue background of northern waters and framed by a green border, it has become one of my personal favorites for this year.

The new stamp, showing a pair of the ducks, is postmarked with a very nice philatelic cancel. Serial numbers used are 791 to 1000.

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