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Collins FDC Catalog


96-02 / HI1

Hawaii 1996

Nene Goose by Patrick Ching

Fred's Anecdotal Note


On May 11th, Hawaii became the 50th and final state

to issue a Wildlife Conservation Hunting Stamp. Shown on

the five-doIlar stamp is the nene, also known as the

Hawaiian goose, in a wetland habitat at Kanai's Hanalei

Val1ey. The beautiful individually watercolored MILFORD

Cachet is another Fred Collins exclusive because it is the one and only hand-painted cachet produced for this historic

"Duck" issue. The cachet has the distinctive nene goose

standing amid brightly colored tropical flowers in full bloom. On the horizon Diamondhead provides a scenic skyline as bright blue Pacific waters gently break on the beach of Waikiki. The final touch is a green sea turtle (in keeping with my 1996 wildlife theme) that has come ashore and attracted the nene's attention.

Stamp serial numbers used were 44431 to 44730. The

Day of issue postmark is a large Honolulu bullseye. A First of State Duck Stamp from the Aloha State and a tropical paradise hand-painted cachet from MILFORD.

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