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Collins FDC Catalog


96-05 / MN20

Minnesota 1996

Greater Scaup by Jim Hautman

Fred's Anecdotal Note


Two Greater Scaup swim warily on a Minnesota lake as a gray wolf watches them from a grassy point. The drake with distinctive green head feathers and the hen with reddish brown look to put more distance between themselves and the sleek preditor. Abundant in Alaska, the range of the storied wolf had shrunk to only Minnesota in the lower 48 until they were reintroduced into Yellowstone Park last year.

A very nice Lake City postmark ties the stamps to cover. Serial numbers used were 2471 to 2610. Another nice addition to my "1996 MILFORD Wild1ife Series". Soon,

this attentive timber wolf with abandon the quest and

return to the pack as the pair of Scaup continues to enjoy

the lake sanctuary.

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