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Collins FDC Catalog


96-08 / RW63

Federal 1996

Surf Scoter

Fred's Anecdotal Note


A pod of porpoises frolic in coastal waters as a pair of surf scoters fly nearby. In the distance, a lighthouse and sand dunes can be seen on the horizon. This handpainted MILFORD cachet is an "entire" taking up the full face of the envelope. It is action packed with a feeling of motion and is carefully created to wrap around the new fifteen dollar migratory bird stamp.

The First Day postmark is a fine pictorial from "Duck Stamp Station" in Washington, D.C. OnIy 130 covers were produced with this porpoise school cachet for my 1996 MILFORD Wildlife Series. This is a corrected insert as the first one sent out had an error stating 150 had been produced. The covers are individually numbered on face and 130 is correct. MILFORD number is MIL-9608.

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