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Collins FDC Catalog


96-22 / NH14

New Hampshire 1996

Surf Scooters by Jeffrey Klinefelter

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1996 New Hampshire

In winter, the fur of the weasel turns to a beautiful snowy

white with a black-tipped tail. In this handpainted Milford, the

"ermine" which is the name used to describe the species in its

winter coat, silently stalks a male surf scoter. The small duck,

with distinctive red and yellow bill, has spotted the potential

danger and will retreat further from shore. The setting for this dramatic encounter is a grassy inlet along the Atlantic coastline of New Hampshire. I believe the unique distinctive appearances of the surf scoter and ermine complement each other magnificently and combine for a wonderful wildlife encounter.

Stamp serial numbers used were 4441, to 4590 except numbers 4561 to 4570. OnIy 140 covers were produced in this very limited edition. A nice Milford, New Hampshire, postmark with killer bars ties the stamp to the cover.

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