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Collins FDC Catalog


97-02 / PA15

Pennsylvania 1997 

Hooded Merganser by R. Easton

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1997 Pennsylvania

This hand-painted Milford could rightfully be considered a study in black and white. The male Hooded Merganser, featuled on both the stamp and cachet is uniquely handsome with his black and white feathered crest. The attentive duck is taken abdck as the shoreline suddenly comes alive with activity. A mother skunk has led her three kits to the water's edge on their morning stroll. Qne of the youngsters shows his curiosity as he.approaches the wlry merganser. The black and white fur of the skunk family coordinates perfectly with the colors of the male duck.

The new $5.50 stamp is postmarked at Milford, and only 160 covers were produced for this limited edilion.

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