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Collins FDC Catalog


97-03 / RW64

Federal 1997

Canada Goose

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1997 Federal

The Canada Goose is the subject for this year's fifteen-dollar United States Migratory Bird Stamp. It is tied to this  hand-painted Mlford FDC by a nice pictorial postmark from the specially designated "Duck Stamp Station" in McLcan, Virginia. The beautiful cancel recreates pose of the goose shown on the stamp.

The hand-painted cachet continues my two-year Milftrod Wildlife series. For this Federal issue, I chose the grizzly bear as it is viewei by many as the mammal most representative of our remaining wilderness areas. It is the world's largest terrestrial carnivore. Here, one of the huge bears stands on his hind legs and watches with curiosity as a Canada goose swims idly nearby. In the foreground, a bed of wild bunch

berry plants thrive along the stream. The rugged backgrournd is typical of the grrzzly's terrain as is the high mountain meadow in which this dramatic cachet scene takes place.

Only 125 of this limitod-edition Mlford First Day Cover were produed

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