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Collins FDC Catalog


97-09 / NJ14

New Jersey 1997

Old Squaws & Schooner by Robert Leslie

Fred's Anecdotal Note

1997 New Jersey

This year's hand-painted Milford cachet builds on the wildlife subject matter of last year's edition. That cover showed a fawn near the Aflantic coast. Since my wildlife series still needed adult white-tail deer, I thought this would be a perfect issue to include them. Accordingly, a buck and doe are shown pausing on a grassy strip between two

tidal pools. Nearby in the foreground, a beautifully marked oldsquaw duck suns itself on the sandy terrain.

The five dollar waterfowl stamp is postmarked at Hewitt. Only 150 covers were produced for this limited edition with serial numbers used being 11161 to 11310.

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