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Collins FDC Catalog

Rose and Jack from "Titanic" - 1

C6101a / Scott 5660


Jack & Rose - Titanic

Blue Background

Cover Announcement 

This lovely hand painted cachet depicts Rose and Jack who met and had a poignant romantic and tragic love story on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. The 17- year-old Rose is traveling first class from South Hampton, Englaad with her mother and "arranged" fianec. Also aboard is Jack, a young artist who had won a third-class ticket in a poker game.

On board they meet several times and fall in love. This cover shows the two of them together at the bow of the ill-fated ocean liner. Disaster strikes as the Titanic hits an iceberg. Rose survives but Jack does not.

This movie was a huge hit and is due to be re-released this year. Certainly, the characters Rose and Jack belong in this series that I started so long ago with Romeo and Juliet.

The love stamp has the first day of issue bullseye postmark from Romeo. Michigan. It has the happy and in-love couple at tbe bow's railiag experiencing the exhilarating wind and expansive sunset. Rose and Jack on the Titanic is now ready. Collins #C6101 at $18.50.

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