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Collins FDC Catalog


O2305 / Scott 2869E

Legends Of The West

Native American Culture

Collins Anecdotal Note 

It was a brief time period spanning a little more than a century, but the Indian horse culture dominated the West in a hunting and warring society. Tipis were about 12 feet high and held all the family and possessions, and tipi etiquette was carefully followed. Childhood play mimicked adult Iife with little girls having deerskin dolls and small boys carrying miniature bows and arrows. Music was provided in camp by flutes and drums. The buffalo provided food, clothes, blanket robes, tools, and other essentials. Painting and beadwork provided artistic expression as did the performing of ceremonial dances. The postmark from Cheyenne, Wyoming pays tribute to that prominent tribe and alI Plains Indians. With strong individual, family, and tribal roles, values, and traditions, the culture of the Native American was a unique lifestyle. A Legend of the West.

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