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O2306 / Scott 2869F

Legends Of The West

Chief Joseph

Collins Anecdotal Note 

Throughout the summer of 1877, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe led his people on an epic retreat that was followed in the press with sympathy and even support by

a large portion of the American public.

As a pacifist, Joseph opposed both the white officials who wanted more and more of his ancestral land and the warriors in his own tribe who wanted war. When the U.S. Army attacked to force his people onto a reservation, he reluctantly decided to fight. For over 1700 miles he led his people through the territories of Idaho, Wyoming, and

Montana. Alternating between boldly fighting the pursuing army and strategic withdrawals, he surrendered after 108 days. A direct quote from his lips sums up his philosophy

of life. "All men were made by the same Great Spirit. They are all brothers."

The cancel is from Idaho Springs, Colorado, and my cachet shows the great leader in front of the Bitterroot Mountain Range that he loved so much. Chief Joseph - A Legend of the West.

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