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O2308 / Scott 2869H

Legends Of The West

Bat Masterson

Collins Anecdotal Note 

Masterson had a wide and well-earned reputation as a gunfighter and lawman. Often he would settle disputes without a fight because not many people wanted to draw

against him. He and his brothers, Ed and Jim would form a trio of lawmen who committed themselves to taming the wildest town of all - Dodge City.

Bartholomew, shortened to Bat, was the son of a Wichita, Kansas farmer. He left home to be a buffalo hunter and after an adventurous time on the prairie, became an army scout and Indian fighter. His first gunfight was in 1876 in Sweetwater, Texas. In time, Bat Masterson became a national celebrity, and in 1905 President Teddy Roosevelt offered to appoint him U.S. Marshall for the Oklahoma Territory. Bat turned the offer down, writing, "I have taken my guns off and I don't ever want to put them on again." Bartholomew "Bat" Masterson - A Legend of the West.

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