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O2309 / Scott 2869I

Legends Of The West

John C. Fremont

Collins Anecdotal Note 

Beginning in the late 1830's, the west was mapped and analyzed the Army Corps of Topographical Engineers. The most famous of all the engineers, who in fact were military explorers, was John Charles Fremont. He described experiences (such as climbing the high mountain peak that now bears his name) as "glorious adventures", thus helping to create a new and exciting image of the west. Traveling with Fremont were two men who were to make great contributions to his expeditions. Kit carson was his scout and guide and became a life-long friend. Charles Preussl, a tall, blond German topographer, did most of the scientific observations. 

Fremont's five expeditions to the west between 1842 and 1854 earned him the nickname "pathfinder". He was such a glamorous, persuasive and appealing figure that as a promoter he was a man of immense influence on the west- ward settlement. John Fremont -- A Legend of the west.

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